Articles & Presentations


   J.T. Kiehl, A Jungian Perspective on Global Warming, Ecopsychology, vol. 4, 187-192, 2012

   J.T. Kiehl, The Evolution of Archetypal Forms in Western Civilization, Psychological  

                          Perspectives, 59:2, 202-218, 2016.

   J.T. Kiehl, Facing Climate Change: An Integrated Path to the Future. Columbia University 

                     Press, 2016.

Presentations I have made on Jungian concepts & culture:

The Alchemical Stages of Transformation

Sustaining Earth, Sustaining Soul

Carl Jung: The Man and His Psychology

Merlin as Archetype of the Magician

The Lord of the Rings: As Hero’s Journey

The Two Towers: A Reverie in the Quaternity

Transformative Images in the Return of the King

Nature: Visible & Invisible

Jungian Ecopsychology

The Psychological Dimensions of Global Warming

Jung Meets the Beatles: Living an Animated Life

Exploring Personal Journey through the Lord of the Rings 

(A Two Day Workshop)

Sustaining Earth, Sustaining Soul (A Two Day Workshop)

Healing the Split with Our Animate World

Cosmic Affinities

Finding Meaning in Our Technological World

Jung Meets the Buddha

Healing the Split with Our Sacred World

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